One interesting thing about John Mica that many people may not know is that he is the person who made the Trump International Towers in Washington a reality. In a ballroom filled with sparkling and neon chandeliers, Donald Trump and his family celebrated the launch of the Trump International hotel while paying tribute to the person who made it possible: John Mica. John Mica had led the move of putting up for lease the old post office establishment, and the bid was won by Donald Trump, thanks to Ivanka Trump, who proved quite resourceful in the negotiation stages. Ivanka mentioned John Mica in the event, recalling how he hosted a news conference in the then-vacant establishment some years back when he chaired the House Transportation and Public Assets Committee. In the freezing cold and without heat, John Mica pointed out that the U.S. government was losing somewhere in the tune of six to eight million dollars annually from the old post office, which was an illustration of government excesses. Thanks to John Mica, the Trump International Hotel in Washington generates hundreds of job opportunities. It is an excellent example of how the private sector can help turn around an under-utilized federal establishment. Currently, Donald Trump has a sixty-year lease for the Washington-based establishment, where he pays the U.S. government three million dollars annually. The Republicans pulled out all the stops required to help Mr. Trump’s luxury Washington project run smoothly. Not only did John Mica help Donald Trump line his pockets, but he was by Donald Trump’s side during every single step of the way, including when he was discovered bragging about a sexual assault. John Mica’s success in helping Trump establish the Trump International Tower in Washington is an example of how the Florida Republican can help save taxpayer money and get things done. Trump’s team won the bid amidst competition from Hilton, Marriott, and other large national chains. The Trump International Towers in Washington now generates revenues for taxpayers and employs over six hundred people. In a subsequent