John Mica is firmly against the legalization of Marijuana. In 1999, when he was serving in the Oversight Committee as the chairman of the Government Operations subcommittee, John Mica presided over a marijuana legalization hearing. It was the first of its kind to be held since the late 1980s. In 2014, John Mica presided over a similar hearing on Marijuana, with input from several experts in the field.

John Mica generally supports pro-life to pro-choice legislation with the exceptions of danger to the mother’s life, rape, and incest. Mica strongly believes in cutting on defense spending to balance the budget, but opposes raising income taxes on any tax bracket as a budget-balancing measure. The Florida Republican is a strong supporter of the idea that indirect campaign donations from unions and corporations should be regulated. He believes that specific crimes warrant capital punishment but supports incarceration alternatives for non-violent crimes such as substance abuse treatment and mandatory counseling. However, John Mica is against the idea that offenders of non-violent drug crimes should face a mandatory minimum sentence.

John Mica does not support boosting economic growth through spending by the federal government. However, he believes that reducing taxes is a great way to boost economic growth and that businesses should be given tax incentives to promote more jobs in the economy. He also supports the idea that people should be allowed to divert part of their social security taxes to personal retirement accounts. The Florida republican does not support the idea that states should have mandatory standards of federal education.

On energy, Mica supports the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. However, he does not support the idea that renewable energy, such as thermal, solar, and wind, should be developed using funding from the government. He also does not support the idea that there should be more regulation on the hydraulic fracturing industry.

John Mica neither supports the idea that human activity contributes to climate change nor that greenhouse gas emissions should be regulated by the federal government. He is generally against gun legislation and is pro-repealing Obamacare.

Mica generally supports the idea that people who have unlawfully immigrated to the United States should go back to the country of origin pending citizenship eligibility. As for marriage, Mica holds that marital union should be between people of the opposite sex and is therefore against the marriage of people of the same sex.

On National Security, John Mica supports the idea that the use of military force by the United States to deter nuclear power processing from hostile nations is warranted. He also supports increased intervention of the U.S. beyond air support in Syria and Iraq.

John Mica believes that the federal government should greatly decrease spending on agriculture and the United Kingdom, slightly reduce spending on Arts, Education, Environment, International aid, Space exploration, and welfare, and maintain the spending levels on Defense, Homeland Security, and Medical and Scientific Research.

As for taxes, John Mica believes that the federal government should significantly reduce capital gains taxes, corporate taxes, small business taxes, and inheritance taxes. Slightly reduce payroll tax and income tax for high and middle-income families while maintaining income tax status for low-income households and excise taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and transportation fuel.