John Mica’s Record

Mica’s Leadership Roles in Congress

  • Chairman and Lead Republican, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, which oversaw all transportation and infrastructure policy for the United States. Mica served as Republican Leader from 2007-10 and Chairman from 2011-12. He is only congressman from Central Florida to chair a major committee in Congress.
  • Chairman, Aviation Subcommittee (2001-06)
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Assets (2013-current)
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Government Operations
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy & Human Resources (1999-2001)
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Civil Service (1995-1999)

Central Florida Initiatives


  • SunRail: Mica has been focused on a rail system for Central Florida since he was first elected

    • In 1992, a month after first elected, Mica held the first meeting about a Central Florida rail system
    • Mica secured funding for the light rail project before it was rejected by the Orange County Commission.
    • Two months after that vote, Mica proposed the plan for a commuter rail system in the CSX corridor, acquired funding for initial studies, brought local community together and worked to acquire the Federal participation needed for the first two phases.
  • Interstate 4: Mica has worked to improve I-4 for more than 20 years

    • Wrote the legislation allowing for public/private partnerships that allowed I-4 expansion to be moved forward by 20 years.
    • Before that, Mica secured money to covert HOV lanes and the median new lanes, adding 25 percent capacity as part of a larger project expanding 95 and I-4 from Jacksonville to Orlando. The project is in its final phase.
    • Secured the funding for I-4’s St. Johns River Bridge widening, adding extra capacity for the interstate.
    • Funding for the interchange between the 417 and I-4 in Seminole County, called “The Missing Link”
  • Orlando International Airport: Mica has been helping OIA for nearly four decades

    • As a state legislator, Mica secured funding for the interchange of 436 and the BeeLine, allowing the airport to be built at its current location.
    • Most recently, he fought major airlines to ensure their support of the current expansion of the OIA. Without their support, the airport could not move forward.
  • Orlando Sanford Airport

    • Through repeated funding assistance and multiple other programs, Mica assisted Orlando Sanford International Airport to grow from no commercial passengers to nearly 2.5 million annually in less than two decades while creating approximately 6,000 jobs in Central Florida
  • Other transportation accomplishments

    • Pushed Florida Department of Transportation to include the Bithlo Bridge in its first phase of widening Highway 50
    • Funding for Lynx administration building and multimodal center in downtown Orlando.
    • Funding for Votran maintenance facility in Daytona Beach.


  • Secured the funding for Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona. When construction problems threatened the completion of the facility, Mica secured bi-partisan support to keep the project from shutting down.
  • Successfully kept the Lake Baldwin Outpatient Clinic and Pharmacy open and operational, including sitting in the VA Secretary’s office until it was assured.
  • Primary advocate to ensure resources for homeless veterans including at the Orlando VA Medical Center (60 beds); the repurposing of the Lake Baldwin VA Medical Center (56 beds); and Pathways to Care (40 beds)
  • Passed legislation in less than a month to transfer the VA Nursing home to the state, which greatly reduces time and cost in reopening the facility.
  • Pushed the VA to include a women’s health clinic at the new VA Hospital

Simulation and Industry

  • Soon after being elected, Mica expanded the Live Fire Testing program and worked to bring all the services to expand simulation in Central Florida. This was the beginning of Central Florida’s simulation program.
  • When Congress was considering moving the simulation industry, Mica started Save our Simulation (SOS) initiative, making sure Central Florida retained the nation’s largest cluster of modeling and simulation (M&S) companies that accounts for a $3 billion economic impact and provides approximately 27,000 jobs in the region
  • Mica supported funding for the Simulation Learning, Education, and Research Network, which resulted in the VA’s national hub for simulated learning, training and education for all federal VA hospitals and clinics being headquartered in Orlando
  • Passed NextGen legislation that provided funding to develop the next generation of air traffic control and worked with Embry-Riddle College to hold one of three national locations for research into the technology.
  • Helped establish a 90-acre research park at Embry-Riddle, which the university named the MicaPlex.
  • Helped establish the Seminole County Foreign Trade Zone
  • Held 17 Economic Development Summits throughout Central Florida


  • Held the first oversight hearing on Zika in February, resulting in leftover ebola funding being transferred to fight Zika. which prompted the reprograming of federal funds to use in the fight against Zika
  • Brought leaders and front-line staff from seven counties to coordinate local efforts in Zika fight.

Public Safety

  • One of the founders of Central Florida’s Crime Line, securing the intimal funding for the program.
  • Established the Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and the North Florida HIDTA to assist local, state and federal efforts in drug trafficking
  • Held the first Congressional hearing on the current opioid and heroin crisis and pushed for legislation for first responders to receive overdose reversal drugs like Narcan. Mica’s actions ultimately led to the U.S. House and Senate passing the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act
  • Appealed the flawed Homeland Security threat assessment of Central Florida and following the tragic Pulse terrorist attack.
  • Conducted a hearing that identified billions of unspent federal funds, resulting in more than $1 million in anti-terrorism funding for Central Florida.

Local Environmental Projects

  • Rose Bay restoration
  • Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve
  • Land acquisition for preservation and protection around St. Johns River
  • Lake Mead in Winter Park
  • DeBary Bayou

Public Housing

  • Completely changed public housing in Daytona Beach, including demolishing 400 pre-WWII units.
  • Complete overhaul of Sanford Public Housing after significant malfeasance.
  • New public housing in Palatka and West Augustine.

National, Major Legislation Passed While Committee Chairman

  • Two FAA Reauthorization bills, setting federal aviation policy throughout the nation.
  • The first major highway and transportation legislation in six years, establishing federal transportation and infrastructure policy throughout the nation.
  • Amtrak Reform bill bringing open competition to Amtrak’s monopoly of the Northeast Corridor and other money-losing routes.
  • Pipeline Safety Bill, enhancing safety measures for all pipelines in the United States.
  • Water Resources bill, setting policy and identifying projects for all of the United States’ waterways, including ports, rivers, beaches, dams, levies and more.
  • Developed and implemented Plan Colombia to stem the inflow of drugs into the US and prevent narcoterrorism, stemming the inflow of illegal drugs out of Colombia, ending the violence in Colombia
  • Airline recovery program after 9-11, establishing a tough loan guaranteed loan program. All loans were paid back in full, taxpayers earned, one-third of a billion dollars in revenue to taxpayers before being closed down
  • Transportation Security Act to provide needed upgrades to our transportation system’s security measures.
  • Presidential and Executive Office Accountability Act, extending fair labor standards, ADA standards, civil rights act regulations, age discrimination laws to the executive branch of government.
  • A major expansion of Veterans preferences throughout Government
  • A major expansion of Tri-Care for Military Families

National and Washington D.C. Initiatives

  • Led investigation into wasteful conference spending that resulted in criminal referrals, convictions and hundreds of millions of dollars in reduced conference spending through all agencies of government
  • Sitting on our Assets, resulting in hundreds of thousands of square feet of vacant space being turned from major expenses to revenue generators. Public space filled include the Miami Federal Courthouse, Kennedy Space Center industrial space and the Old Post Office, in Washington, D.C.
  • Led the initiative to fund and build the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center in Washington D.C.
  • Led U.S. Capitol managers to bring Capitol Office Buildings into standards covered by the American Disability Act, including braille on signs in the buildings.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Ranked second most effective Member in Congress according to a University of Virginia/Vanderbilt University Study
  • Received nearly every national Veterans Service Organization, including awards from:
    • National Military Families Association
    • Non-Commissioned Officers Association
    • Korean War Veterans Association
    • Reserve Officers Association
    • Vietnam Veterans of America
    • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Seniors awards include:
    • Senior Legislative Achievement Award, The Seniors Coalition
    • Guardian of Seniors Rights Award, 60 Plus Association
    • Award of Recognition for sincere assistance to America’s seniors, The Seniors Coalition,
    • Benjamin Franklin Award, 60 Plus Association
    • Commendation, Coalition to Save Medicare
    • Senior Meritorious Service Award, The Seniors Coalition
    • Guardian of Medicare Award, United Seniors Association
  • Hundreds of local awards including:
    • J. Thomas Gurney Community Service Award, life-long service to the Central Florida community, from the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
    • Winter Park Citizen of the Year from the City of Winter Park
    • The Toni Jennings Public Service Award from the Orlando Board of Realtors
    • President’s Award from the Volusia League of Cities
    • Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Legacy Award
    • “Man of the Year”, St. Augustine Record
    • Florida First Congressional Award, Florida League of Cities
  • Hundreds of Industry Awards including:
    • FAA Managers Lifetime Achievement Award
    • The Jefferson Award, Citizens for a Sound Economy
    • The Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business
    • The Safety Leader Award from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
    • The Spirit of Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Legislative Excellence Award, National Association of Manufacturers
    • The George Falcon-Golden Spike Award, National Association of Railroad Passengers
    • Public Official of the Year, Florida Public Transportation Association
  • Environmental recognitions include:
    • The Friend of the Coast Award from the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association
    • “Champion of the Florida Trail”, Florida Trails Association
    • Certificate of Appreciation, Friends of Canaveral: Canaveral National Seashore – Florida