Jobs and Economic Opportunity


As I get back to the district and talk to folks, I hear from those that have lost their job and people who now have lower incomes and lower expectations for their children’s future.  This greatly concerns me.  I have listened to the President, along with my constituents and others, and while the President has some ideas that merit consideration, our biggest point of difference is that just implementing bigger government programs and more spending are not going to get America out of a depressed economy.

We must incentivize those that invest and those that create jobs.  It is the private sector that can expand employment and reinvigorate the economy.  It has been free enterprise and business that makes the country go and grow.  These free market principles provide good paying jobs and then allows people to pay their taxes and be good citizens.  We must find ways that promote that private sector activity and also to compete and win today in a global market.  More regulations, more taxation and more meddling from Washington only depress positive economic growth.
I am optimistic about the country’s future.  I think people working together with good intentions and good faith, can make a difference.  America has risen to any challenge in the past, and I know that we can in the future.

Tax Reform

I support efforts to spur business activity and keep more jobs here at home by reducing manufacturing and corporate income taxes.  The United States has one of the highest corporate income tax rates, especially when compared to many of our primary economic competitors, such as Britain, France and Germany.  Higher taxes on the returns of capital inhibit the competitiveness of U.S.-based companies.  With high taxes, many companies unfortunately cut costs and relocate abroad, taking with them good-paying jobs.  Instead of punishing businesses for attempting to make a profit, I believe we need to reduce their incentive to sacrifice jobs by lowering taxes on those who employ Americans.

Lawsuit Reform

The number of frivolous lawsuits has escalated dramatically in the last few years.  Unfortunately, trial lawyers have largely succeeded in driving up the costs of various goods and services and at the same time with huge awards have forced companies to defend themselves against any and sometimes bogus claims.

I voted to prevent the skyrocketing costs associated with health care and due to a mass of lawsuits aimed at doctors, nurses and medical providers.  I have supported legislation that would lower costs by limiting the availability of punitive non-economic damages and setting a statute of limitations of three years from the date of injury or one year after the claimant discovers or should have discovered the injury.  While I am pleased that a similar measure was passed by the Florida legislature, I will continue to press for national legislation to address this crisis.