2nd Amendment Rights


One of my top priorities has been to preserve our Second Amendment rights.  I do not support efforts to impose additional arbitrary gun control laws on the American people when it is evident that laws already in place are not being properly enforced.

Current gun laws already limit access to guns for minors and convicted criminals — yet if they, like any law, are not enforced, they are useless.  Gun control has never succeeded in reducing violent crime in America, nor has infringing or diminishing the Second Amendment right to own and possess a firearm succeeded in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.  Even the United States Supreme Court in their most recent decisions on the Second Amendment, District of Columbia v. Heller andMcDonald v. Chicago, reaffirm the individual right of Americans to possess a firearm, while limiting the extent of the state and local governments to that of the Federal Government.

I will continue to support measures in Congress that ensure the freedoms of law abiding gun owners are not infringed upon.

The Mica Record

Did you know that after meeting with U.S. Troop in Afghanistan, Congressman Mica passed an amendment in the House to preserve our servicemen and women in conflict to bear arms and protect themselves?

Under the Obama Administration, constraints on U.S. Military in combat have been restricted.  Once again many talk about preserving and protecting our 2nd Amendment tights – My record on the right to bear arms has earned praise from the N.R.A. and other national organizations.

Did you know that after 9/11 Congressman Mica authored legislation to allow airline pilots to arm themselves.  John Mica is also stopping the Obama Administration from gutting cost-saving and wise aviation security protections.